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romney? all those handsome sons are not going to produce any could spawn? >> they might. they absolutely might, but the trend line is negative, as you know. >> because it is a sense of entitlement. how we serve this devastation. people ask me, and nearly inflexible. well, no. you know lots of men who are flexible. they have been flexible. why are all the men in your book such cut potatoes? you look at this moment in history, and they're is a little bit of region this. menem would need things, that would be fine. at the debt would be better to me admit that anything. terms of the generation spot average people, because when much is handed to you it is difficult to be flexible. >> host: exactly. that is exactly. so what do you do? because, by the way, when in collapse it hurts women and it really hurts children for sure. so this is not a small thing in another you are not gloating over the end of man. i don't think that you are. it's that good. what do you do? >> you hope that men adapt some flexibility and do certain kinds of jobs that they have formally not found to be macho enough. >> h
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1